Hi, i'm Andrew Sherman

My Farrier Background

I served four years for the United States Army Old Guard at the National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia. Funeral services were conducted on horseback with the esteemed Cassion platoon.

It was there that I was initated to the rigors of upkeep and care for all military horses, recieving the distinction of US Army Farrier - a position held by only one other.

Southwest Florida is home!

I'm a proud father, happy husband, and a passionate outdoorsman. We have a family homestead of horses, cows, pigs, and chickens in sunny Punta Gorda, Florida - we call it Kissing Cow Farms.

My ambition, through dedication and hard work, is to become the premier farrier in our local area, offering the highest quality care to all of my satisfied customers.

For the health, performance, and comfort of your Horse, Pony, or Donkey.


Prevent hoof problems, such as cracks, chips, or abscesses by trimming and carving excess hooves with a variety of tools, including nippers, rasps, and farrier knives.

Hot Shoeing

Forge a custom-fitted horseshoe, apply it with high heat to the hoof, and maintain the horseshoes by reshaping or replacing worn ones.


Evaluate alignment of hooves and restore them to their natural and efficient shape. Occasionally, add extra support to the underside of the shoe with modern farrier materials such as pads, glue, or wooden clogs.

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"Andrew is an amazing farrier. He’s extremely knowledgeable and he keeps on learning which is always great to see. In the horse world you never stop learning and i’m glad he keeps an open mind to that!!! Very talented, awesome guy, great personality, and great with the horses. 10/10 highly recommended. keep on keepin on!"

Victoria Brown


"He’s amazing! I have a rescue who doesn’t like his feet picked up and Andrew got a trim done on all 4 first time out! And I love how good he made my horses feet look!! I highly recommend him!"

Sierra Harris


"Thank you so much Andrew Sherman

for taking such great care of my horses"

Kathrin Jones


"Andrew Sherman the best farrier around!

My horses and I appreciate you!"

Haylee Strickland